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Introducing the Sandoor™ - Patent #224010GB01

No-Touch, Automatic Door Handle Sanitiser

Low Cost, Easy to Fit, Uses Standard Santising Fluids.

What is it and how does it work?

An Innovative Solution to Door Handle Hygiene

Many diseases are infectious and are spread through human contact with contaminated surfaces. Door handles are touched on a regular basis by many individuals, especially in public places. Toilet exit door handles, in particular are everyone's 'pet hate'.

The Sandoor™ is fixed on the door adjacent to the door handle. When activated (by underneath touchless hand motion) it releases two sprays of sanitiser on to a section of the door handle. This offers 2 advantages, no need to touch anything and if you have an allergy to sanitiser solutions, the door can be simply opened by avoiding the activity motion.

Sandoor Door Handle Sanitiser
Who Is it For?

All Market Sectors

Where Good Hand-Hygiene is of Paramount Importance


Bars & Restaurants

Good Hand Hygiene is Critical Where Food is being Prepared and Served. The Sandoor™ works as a barrier in preventing contamination from unseen germs.



The Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak has put particular strain on the medical industry. The Sandoor™ 'no-touch' sanitising system can provide a front-line defence in reducing the spread of infection from door users.


Care Homes

Protecting the most vulnerable is a critical duty of care. The Sandoor™ is designed for use in high-risk areas, starting with prevention of contamination from unsanitary door handles.


Cafes & Coffee Shops

All have a high frequency of both staff and customers using public conveniences either before or after purchasing food and drink.


Offices & Workplaces

Failure in good hygiene can result in high rates of absenteeism from the spread of sickness from staff - all largely preventable.



Protect your staff and guests good hygiene and protection from contamination is a priority, reinforcing trust and respect.

The Sandoor™ System


  • Activated by hand movement under the system. No need to touch anything.

  • Gives opportunity not to sanitise handle if you do not wish to. (Allergy)

  • Sprays out horizontally to the side which allows different types of handle to be sprayed without the need to change existing door handles.

  • Can spray both handle and hands if required. (Two jet option)

  • Very fine spray, low usage of sanitiser fluid.

  • Battery or Mains Operated.

  • Uses Standard sanitising fluids.

  • Low cost and simple to install.

Installing The Sandoor™

Fits Most Doors, Works on Any Size/Shape Handle

Sandoor located next to short level handle

Lever Handles

The apparatus is easy to fit, simply position it with the side spray hole, inline with the door handle. Upon touchless hand detection (simply by sliding the hand underneath), the device will spray two bursts, you may sanitise your hand with one jet or leave both to saturate the handle.


Fixed Pull Handles

The sanitising fluid is easy to fill/refill with a lockable top to prevent unauthorised access. Any sanitising liquid can be used with the Sandoor™. Activation is optional but with its unique 'no-touch' activation, there is no risk of contamination for the next person to use.

Interested? Want to Know More?

Get in touch with us today to find out how the Sandoor™ can vastly help reduce the risk of infection through the spread of bacteria, germs and viruses from poor hand hygiene in your workplace/establishment.

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